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But... What About Lasne?

At 25 km from Brussels, Lasne, whose name comes from the Celtic name of the small river "La Lasne" which meant "the river with calm waters", is a real mixture of valleys, bucolic hills, wooded paths and contributes therefore to a paradise for walkers and lovers of this preserved nature.
Lasne gathers old villages whose origin goes back to the 11th and 12th centuries and which kept their identity, their charm and particularities: Ohain, Couture Saint -Germain, Lasne Chapelle-Saint-Lambert, Maransart and Plancenoit.

Lasne is also known for its center of houses with white facades, its "fermettes lasnoises", its few independent stores, and its gastronomy, but not only! Many artists have come to stay here, and art and culture are an integral part of this village, and many exhibitions are organized here.

In addition, the Lasnoise Valley is full of hiking and horseback riding opportunities, and is one of the most centrally located communities in relation to the many golf courses that surround it.


In addition to the relaxation interests, let us not forget that the establishment is located near the important business and tourist poles of Walloon Brabant;


! Notice to golf lovers, Lasne is one of the municipalities located in the heart of the many golf courses of Walloon Brabant, some of which are part of the Top #10 of the best 18 holes in Belgium, elected by Leading Courses and High Level Communication!

Other clubs nearby;


The Walloon Brabant region is full of places to discover, both for children and adults!


You are going to a wedding, an event or a seminar? Le Clos is located less than 5 km from "The Lower House", the "Domaine d'Hubermont" and the "Château-Ferme de Moriensart

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